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Choose from a variety of stains and headboard options. The Holin bed comes in all sizes ranging from King to Twin size. Pick your style and get it shipped directly to your door!

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About The Bed

Our beds are made for overall comfort and ease. Each Holin bed is easy to assemble with Japanese joinery and is curated by our team with an elegant, space-saving design. With a 15″ lift, there’s plenty of space beneath each bed for storage and easy access for cleaning. The craftsmanship of the Holin bed is stylish, enduring, and reliable. We will offer you nothing less.

Customize And Buy

What is Japanese Joinery?

Unlike other forms of joinery, Japanese joinery connects wooden components without the use of adhesives or metal fasteners such as nails or screws. It is a slow, meditative craft that requires precision that results in a beautifully natural end product. This method of woodworking has been present in Japanese structures as early as the 12th century.

Like most joinery techniques, traditional Japanese joinery uses a mortise and tenon design. This method connects two pieces of wood by carving a hole into one piece that the corresponding tenon can fit tightly into. The structure may rely on friction alone to hold the pieces together, or a wooden peg can be hammered in as extra security. This is one of the reasons that precise measurements and design are vital.

Over the centuries, this style of woodworking has inspired many other craftsmen of different cultural backgrounds, including our team at Holin. We wanted to take the rich history of Amish American woodworking in our family and learn from the historical and traditional designs of Japanese joinery masters.

We are thrilled that we can offer you quality hardwood products with a modernized Japanese joinery technique. Thank you for choosing Holin.

The Holin Difference

Master Craftsmanship

We've designed a durable bed using Japanese joinery and the skills we've gained as American craftsman.

Trendy Design

Our modern minimalistic style does not neglect quality. Whether you have a small space or a spacious room, you'll love the under-bed space for storage & easy cleaning.

Delivery & Assembly

We deliver right to your door in as little packaging as possible. Assembling your order is easy. Simply connect the joints and you're done.

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